I stopped to talk with Andrew Heard today. You can read his blog at andrewbheard.com. I knew Andrew had been having a hard week due to chemo, but I hoped he would be turning the corner a little today. Sure enough, he was able to greet me at the door. He was eating today, he said. It had been a tough week for him. I knew he would be preaching tomorrow at the Methodist Church, so I just wanted to come by and encourage him a little and hope he was getting his strength back.

Andrew has held nothing back about his fight. His chances are not good. He has lung cancer, the bad kind. I was Andrew’s pastor as he was growing up. I saw him fight lymphoma his senior year at High School. This current fight likely stems out of that one. Now, Andrew his married and has a 1 ½ year old daughter. For a while, Andrew seemed to be the poster child for “You can beat this cancer thing.” But now, cancer has its hooks in him again.

Andrew is also the son of one of my deacons, Dr. Heard. I consider Mark and Mary friends. It hurts to see what they are going through. I love them. Pastors do not have a magic wand. We are looked at to be men of faith who help people know God. Sometimes I wish God would give me the capability to do more. Perhaps every now and then, maybe God could let me muster up a miracle for someone. I pray for Andrew, as I pray for people every day. I hope the best, but mostly, like Andrew and Bailey, Mark and Mary, I wait on God.

I decided to call this blog How Eye C Life. Jesus talked about people having eyes to see. He knew there were some who would see what God was doing in Jesus, and yet others would not see it. He knew some would hear God speaking through Jesus, and others would not. So, because I love photography, I’ve chosen to take the see route. Today, I see a young man struggling for life, trying to still stand in faith and care for the world around him. O, I didn’t mention, that before I visited Andrew, I witnessed a bride and her husband tie the knot in a beautiful wedding. Life is like that.

Today, that is what I see. Love, it is there in the wedding vows and in the family that holds on. That is how I see it.