I found a Monarch butterfly today. It was dying. The beauty of its wings were fading. It clung to a leaf and allowed me to take it without struggle. I photographed it and the sought to set it free. Yet, it didn’t have enough life left to go. It lay still shaking its wings as if trying to start it’s engine. There it lay a delicate beauty leaking life’s glory out.
Why do things have to die? My yard is still full of butterflies trying to find some last bit of nectar before frost takes it all away, and them too. Butterflies are glorious creatures who seem to stay for only a short time. Their wings reveal texture like a rose petal along with their color. They are beautiful, but in the end delicate enough to die as winter approaches.
Life is full of mystery, a design by a mind much greater than ours. No, I don’t believe random chaos explains it. Chaos scatters, not unites or envisions a better form.
Tomorrow I will have an interesting day. I will start by shooting a teen for Senior pics. Then, pick up poinsettias from the youth sale. Then preach about Jesus as the way to heaven at a memorial service for a mother who, like the butterfly, seemed to die too soon. Then go and listen to a choir sing about the Christ of Christmas. It is all about life, a mystery delicate and beautiful.