It’s winter, I think. Typical South Texas style, in the 80’s and going down to the 20’s by the weekend. It is gray outside and there’s no snow. I was raised in Oklahoma near the Kansas boarder. I loved snow as a child. I loved white Christmases. I love the soft peacefulness that snow brings to the air. That is far different than the Gulf Coast region here.
Outside it looks gray and sometimes I feel gray. I’ve been midly depressed for several days. I have had some disappointments that I cannot change. I won’t elaborate, just know I have them. I’ve also had some bodily pains that seem chronic. Lately they have decided to hang around like some stray dogs that refuse to leave. I have repeated asked God for release of these issues, but He haskn’t done so. Sometimes with the biting of emotional pain and physical pain I get down. My eyes see gray. Yes, I preach Jesus and I often preach in pain. Ministers are not privileged persons.
This morning I went outside to look for hummingbirds. With my coffee in one hand, I looked to the breaking gray clouds, and lifted my other hand toward God. I began to praise Him because He is good. I thanked Him for His steadfast love. I thanked Him because He holds my true life and home in His presence, which knows no gray days. At the same time I released to God the right to give me a life where I don’t get what I want. There in that moment was joy and peace. It’s still gray outside and there’s no snow in the forecast, but its ok. When I think of someone who is really suffering, like Andrew,, I’m griping over little things.
It isn’t the snow, but the peace of God’s love I most enjoy. For snow I enjoy the posts of my Instagram friends. Here is one by Christopher Collin, fr Sweden