mice band

Santa’s Mice Band a little electric joy

How about a little electric joy this Christmas? When I was a child something like Santa’s Mice Band would really excite me. Of course, I was a child 50 years ago. Electronic toys were rare. There were no dancing Santa Clauses unless they were at a party. In the fourth grade my father bought me the most awesome toy. It was an early version of an electronic helicopter. We already had electric trains and I loved them. This helicopter could fly. It was basically a pole with a helicopter tethered to it. You flew the copter by adding more throttle. It would go around in a circle. You could pick things up but that was about all. The problem was that it was broken by one of my siblings that very first day. What joy! What sorrow! Now they have helicopters which fly on remote control and can go anywhere. I get really excited by them. My child-like heart in truth has never left me.

I have other things which entice my attention more though. I’d rather be behind a camera than playing with a toy. Yet, one thing I have discovered about joy is that you can get a lot of joy by giving joy to others. That is what it was always like when I would buy gifts for my son when he was a child. My joy came from seeing his joy at discovering something new. Like when I bought him an electric guitar. That started a joy in him which is still on going. Giving joy to others is the best way to get joy. Maybe that is what Jesus meant when he said, “It is better to give than to receive.” Perhaps Jesus is also trying to tell us this is what God is like. Is it possible that God gets joy out what He gives to us? Could it be for joy God gives salvation?

So, here is one thing I am going to do this Sunday. I am going to let the electric Santa Mice Band play a Christmas song for our little children. I bought this back in 1992. It has been around for a while and for the last few years stored in the attic. The mallets have rust on them and the bells are not so clear. However, for a child, who knows, it might excite some electric joy this season.