I took my second cold shower today. I’ve started the new year with the hot water heater going out. We had some plumbing issues which we noticed first. I though we had a leak somewhere. Then I went out to the garage and a river of water was running from the water heater. So I spent my midnight hour draining the beast.
Now I am showering in cold water in the winter! Yikes. Talk about starting your day with a kick! I’m waiting on a call from the warranty repair so it can be replaced. Until then, I sent Lori to the Wellness Center where they have hot showers and I took a cold shower.
What did people do before we got used to all these conveniences? When there was not hot water or plumbing? They didn’t bathe every day and they didn’t have hot showers. What did we do before our lives were defined by smart phones and laptop computers, or now tablets? Are we able to be as backwards compatible as we often want in them?
It seems that a long time ago, people were able to sense they were loved by God when life was not so convenient. So why do we complain so much over trifles such as having to take a cold shower as if that defined anything about life or God’s love?