Iceberg man I am not. We are still without hot water and it’s winter.
I did three days of icicle showers but that’s my limit. I caved in and joined the fitness club so I could have a hot shower. I guess I’ll take up exercise again since I have to be there.
Checked out the plumbing again. I’ve got a water leak in the wall behind the sink; and I’ve got a leak from the water heater. But I’m still waiting on the home warranty folks to line up a plumber. All of this while we heat water on the stove to wash dishes and our faces.
When did homes start having heated water and indoor plumbing? I remember when I was a child, we turned the heat off at night in winter. We had wool blankets to keep us warm. This current inconvenience makes me think how dependent we have become on modern life. Would we survive if something really hard happened? What if an asteroid hit and we had to start life in the Stone Age again?
We are told to rejoice in all things. However, our view of “all things” is still skewed by our modern life. Perhaps Jesus would pray for us: “Father forgive them for they don’t know any better.”