I am eating mostly vegetables. This includes breakfast, as seen in the photo. I started this eating program a few weeks ago by adding juicing of vegetables and fruits to my regular diet. Yet, after I started reading Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, I have been eating more of the veggies whole and I have stopped juicing the fruits. I started this journey at 172 pounds, which is slightly overweight for my frame. This morning I weighed 166. It seems I am loosing about a pound a day(since Wednesday when I began strictly eating vegetables), and that is without exercising. I have not been able to exercise because I have irritated my sciatic nerve in my hip. So, the weight seems to be coming down. I have to say that I have only started the eating program this week, and that included eating a steak dinner at a social event. I even ate at my favorite restaurant in town, for Mexican food. However, there I had a guacamole salad with no meat or cheese.
I am still interested in juicing in that it can give the body increased levels of plant micronutrients. Yet, I will drop juicing fruits as that puts too much sugar into the blood stream too quick. More on that later.
Here is a quick take on what I’ve learned from Dr. Fuhrman. Our bodies need the nutrients from vegetables. The best veggies are dark green: kale, bok choy, Swiss chard, broccoli etc. if you eat enough of these plants plus other veggies, beans and fruit you will get plenty of protein and adequate carbs. Our American diet of processed and fast foods, and meals heavy with meat make us fat. Add to that we pour liquid sugar down our throats in soft drinks which make us fatter still. Add to that, the two big killers in our modern society heart disease and cancer are traced to eating meat (read the book for the details).
While I am not obese, I do want to take care of this body I carry around. Unlike a car, it is not so easy to replace the parts. I also want to see if I can find a way to help those who are struggling with being overweight. Obesity is a real bondage for many. They cannot feel good and cannot find a way out of their trap. Dr. Fuhrman has been helping people get their health and lives back for over 20 years. That is a good track record. What makes his program work is you eat the food your body needs and you don’t get hungry. Yes, that means you have to eat a lot vegetables. If you don’t think you can do that and be strong, ask your self the question, what do cows, elephants, and deer eat? (Hint: They don’t eat meat.)
As a follower of Jesus, my body is God’s temple so I am responsible for keeping it healthy. I still enjoy some of the fun food I love, but I try to keep it in the smallest measure not the large measure. I guess we can look at food as a discipline. If eating for pleasure is my motive, then I am paying homage to the wrong master.
More on Eat to Live, later.