My wife and I have been trying to do juicing and eating more vegetables lately. We have always tried to eat healthy. We don’t drink or smoke. Yet, I had put on some extra weight and I wanted to make a change. Usually, I would just exercise the weight off. However, we we impressed by Joe Cross (Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) to start juicing so we could get more plant nutrition and less calories. Then I picked up Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live and have been eating more of the veggies raw.
Dr. Fuhrman says to eat the fruit, don’t drink fruit juice. Most prepared juices are just a straight sugar shot. Yet even juicing fruits is not good because the fruit’s sugar (fructose) is absorbed too rapidly into the blood. That results in a hit on your insulin. Eating the fruit takes in the fiber which slows down the sugar absorption. I guess God knew what He was doing when He made fruit.
As I said last time, my weight is coming down. My taste has also adapted to a less sweet and lest salty palate. Last Sunday night I got a craving to go back to my old habits. I ate a sandwich, had a few chips and drank half a bottle of a soft drink. The sugar rush from the drink was almost instantaneous and it made feel feel horrible. I do like sweets, but they must become a more rare part of my diet. I am beginning to see that our Western diet is hurting us.
Today a pastor friend and I worked on cutting a tree up to haul away. We are both the same height, but I weigh 166 and he weighs 210. He said his body was stressing more over the work than mine. He has health issues that might improve if he could get his weight down. I made a veggie juice and shared it with him. I hope he will take steps to improve his health.
I don’t claim to have the answers for everyone on health. However, I think God gave us nutrient food for a good reason and we are paying a price for ignoring it.