I hate to say it but it’s been two years since my last check-up. Last time my cholesterol was borderline on the bad, my weight was pushing 180, and some other issues were showing up in the blood work. This last month I’ve been focusing on a stronger vegetable diet, not full vegan, but more raw greens and juicing. My weight this morning was down to 165. I am curious to see if my blood work will see a difference in two days.
This new veggie diet has been really challenging because I have had many social events where I could not control the food selection. At home, I can make my own salads and juices. Yet I live in Texas, where if you don’t eat meat you’re kind of backwards. Of course I have to note the many swelled necks, puffy faces and protruding waistlines of many others here and wonder if they are as healthy as they imagine.
At home I have forced myself to eat more greens. I have cut back on all meats including sandwich meats. I still eat some fish. Last night my wife fixed a nice meal of herb salmon with roasted veggies and quinoa. I repeated that tonight with an added salad of raw greens.
I have to say that I feel better on this diet. I eat a lot of food with a lot of fiber which means I don’t end up hungry before the next meal. I am testing Dr Fuhrman’s idea that you don’t have to eat large amounts of animal protein to ward off hunger. While he prefers eating no animal meat, I am still choosing to eat some fish. However, I used to have to eat a snack of peanut butter between meals to keep the hunger pains down. I have not needed that so much. If I do need a snack, I tend to have a few Triskets with some hummus. Triskets are the only cracker I find that does not have added trans-fats or sugars. Hummus is chickpeas, a kind of bean which is on the good list.
Wednesday is a day where, again, I have little choice over food selection. Let’s see how I do. I have Thursday’s check-up looming. Maybe I’ll pray for will power.