I am on a high fat diet. I picked up the idea from Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live. While I am eating mostly vegetables and fruits I am not eating much in the way of fat. That is no animal fat, as in no meat and dairy products. I get a little healthy fat from nuts and ground seeds. I don’t count calories. I eat all I want. I don’t get hungry, and I am losing weight. I have not even returned to exercising. Yet my body is on a high fat diet because it is consuming the fat I have stored on me.
This is important because it is hope for those who are obese or even mildly overweight. If you are too heavy you might not be able to exercise well without causing joint pain. Yet your body will still burn calories. Vegetables are so low in calories you don’t have to count what you eat. You can even eat fruit, just don’t juice the fruit. Lay off the oils including olive oil if you are overweight. Eat nuts instead. When you are full of good fiber from vegetables your body will burn off of the fat energy stores you carry on you and your weight will come off naturally.
Yet, the key is you must stop putting meat, fats, cheese and processed foods in you. That includes breads unless it is 100% whole grain. Most breads have sugar added. So if you really want to lose pounds it is best to avoid bread.
Dr Fuhrman says he has patients who have recovered from heart problems by eating this way. He says fatty plaque will dissolve in the arteries when the body burns fat off the rest of the body. There is hope for overweight America. Yet we have to make some changes. It isn’t easy because our minds are fixed on our eating habits and our love for sweets and fats.
When I ate salad for breakfast this morning, and drank a veggie juice with it, I wondered what God had in mind by giving us foods rich in nutrients. What did he want these foods to do for us? We have been living on a feel good plan and it has helped us put on fat, and with the fat, many diseases. Maybe it’s time to let the body consume the fat.