I am still on the nutritarian diet. That is Joel Fuhrman’s term for a diet focused primarily on healthy vegetables, fruits and nuts. I am really impressed by the science behind his teaching. I want to be healthy. No one can guarantee that bad things won’t happen in our lives. What we can do is set the best path before us so we can live at our best, whatever may come our way.
I don’t live in a protected-bubble life. I have things I struggle with every day. I am a Christian pastor. Life for me is very stressful. Stress makes me want to eat. What I used to love to eat is fun food. That lifestyle was putting on weight and making me unhealthy. At my max, I weighed 178 on a 5.8 frame. My cholesterol reached 225. This nutritarian diet seems to be the fit for me. My weight is currently 165 with cholesterol at 178, and that without meds. I anticipate those numbers will go further down, especially as I get back to exercising.
Some may wonder why I am writing so much about food as a minister. The reason is because many people are suffering under an oppression of being overweight and they don’t have any hope of getting better. I want to give them hope.
Our health affects so much of how we feel and function. More than that, being overweight and eating junk food promotes disease which affects us emotionally and spiritually. Our health also affects those around us. None of us live to ourselves. If you are in a health crisis, those who love you are also in the crisis with you. So recently, when I was asked if i would hold a class on losing weight I realized this is a topic that affects many people. Those who live in my area, if you are interested in such a group, let me know.