I needed to devour a salad. In Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, the salad is the main dish. So having had a day with few vegetables I was in a need of a healthy salad.
This has been a difficult week to keep the nutritarian diet. Tuesday I had a business lunch at a restaurant. I chose grilled tuna on a bed of lettuce. It was good, yet I’m certain the dressing was laced with sugar. I am trying to limit meat intake, but some fish is OK. Wednesday lunch was a catered meal. BBQ brisket in a sugar based sauce, with mashed potatoes, sweet corn casserole and white bread. Sugar, starch = sugar, corn = sugar, white bread = sugar. No greens of any kind. I ate a helping of the corn and disregarded the rest. That night, Subway for a veggie sub. I have to admit, I broke down and drank a soft drink. More sugar. That night, I also ate an ice cream sandwich. My bad.
So today, again I didn’t get many veggies. For dinner my wife made a sweet potato soup. I added a good salad. Sometimes I really need to devour some greens.
In this salad I had spinach, cucumber, red cabbage, cooked beet – gives natural sweetness – avocado, celery and raisins. A little olive oil and balsamic vinegar as the topping. I find that raisins offer a little sweet break from the other pungent veggies, and to some extent, so do the beets. I cut the celery into large chunks. Celery requires some effort to chew, so I approach eating them as a task. I think to myself, “You are going to sit here and chew this for a moment, so make that the point of that moment and deal with it.” Celery is great for fiber so no complaints. In the end, a few raisins at the bottom leave a sweet taste in the mouth. For health, I love to devour a salad.
In my spiritual life I guess I am the same way with spending time with God. My days can consume much of my time with busy work. The tasks are important, but they do not nourish my soul. I have a need for intimacy that goes beyond human interaction. The real nurture or soul nutrition, comes from being in a prayerful place with God. Reading the Bible helps, yet tasks, even religious tasks are actions, perhaps like chewing celery. Listening to God address my heart and feeding on His presence is more a soul injection of my need for Him. If my body needs nutrition from a salad, my soul needs filling with time alone with God. Peace.