Obesity is a modern killer even if it comes vegetarian style. Vegetables are great for health, but just cutting out meat does not make you healthy. You can put on fat as a vegetarian. The recent showing of The Biggest Loser showed that. One girl had gained too much weight – as a vegetarian. She was suffering from diabetes as a result. Thankfully she was able to reduce her body fat and the diabetes went away.
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat To Live says not all veggies are equal. You want to eat mostly dark green veggies. They are higher in micronutrients which the body needs to promote health. If you eat enough, they will also supply the protein you need as well. Add to them, colorful plants, fruits, beans and nuts, in reducing order. What you want to do is limit starches: potatoes, corn, carrots. Starches turn to sugar when absorbed. Sugar is what is making so many Americans put on fat. If you eat prepared foods you are getting high doses of sugar and salt in everything you eat. People focus on removing fat from their diet, but fat is only one source of the problem. When the fat-free craze came on in the 80’s, everyone when to fat free food. Guess what, obesity went through the roof. Why? Because at the same time fast food was born. Along with fast food came mega-portions. We eat more food, food in which the nutrition has been stripped away, and we eat less healthy foods. It is almost impossible to find any healthy green plants in fast food fare that are not covered in cheese or a fat salad dressing. The dressings are often more fattening then the fast food. Our bodies are filling with fat and starving for nutrition. By nutrition I am speaking of plant based micronutrients which the body needs to fight off cancer and heal the body of disease. In previous generations adequate vegetables were consumed, even if meat and fat was also consumed. Work consumed the fat and people lived well enough. Now we have nutrient poor food and burn few calories by our easy lifestyle. The result is a nation of obesity that is producing heart problems, cancers and diabetes off the charts.
Lori and I are focusing on eating more vegetables for our health. We are not doing this for religious purposes as much as just to live better. We have always tried to eat healthfully. Yet we were not doing as well as we wanted. We learned about vegetable juicing by watching Joe Cross Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. We were impressed how juicing can add micronutrients to the body. So we got the juicer and stated supplementing green drinks to our diet. Lori has a friend who did the Daniel Fast. She lost a lot of weight by just eating vegetables. She felt so much better she said she will not return to her former diet.
While I am not strictly against eating meats I am cautious about them in my diet. I try to keep meat to a lesser role and vegetables to the greater role. You will have read Fuhrman’s information about meat and the roles of cancer in the body. Also, if you want to avoid cancer, get the sugar levels down. Cancer feeds on sugar. Cancer cells are fast growth cells, and they thrive on acid producing foods such as sugar. Vegetables are alkaline based and help protect you more. This is one of the reasons we eat mostly vegetables. It is also why we drink green juice. It is not about the flavor, believe me! Honestly, we both feel much better having lived on this diet for a few months. I cannot tell you this is a cure for anything. I just believe good health is a way to avoid so much bad health.
One thing more, if you are overweight, get Fuhrman’s book and read it. The dark green vegetables have very few calories. You can fill your body with salad type food and your weight will fall off naturally, and that without ever feeling like you are starving. Diets don’t work because you get hungry, and then you kick into over eating to quell the hunger pains. Fill up with high nutrient greens and your body will lose weight, even if you don’t exercise. I’m losing weight just that way because I cannot exercise at the moment. I have a hip injury that has to heal before I can get back to exercising. So I’m putting Fuhrman’s teaching to the test. Yes, it works. This is not a diet, just a better way to live.