garden tomb

There are several reasons I believe Jesus is the Christ, Messiah, Son of God. First and foremost. I’ve met him.

I have had many spiritual experiences of Christ throughout my life. Some of them came in my early childhood. Some later in life. I must tell you that I had one experience that is more than just a religious feeling. Once while worshiping, Jesus came to me. I did not see him with my eyes, but I did hear him speak, and I experienced his presence. At the time I was singing the Apostle’s Creed in a contemporary worship experience. I was alone. I do not know why Jesus came to me that day, but he did. Again, I did not see him as much as knew I was in his presence. It was very humbling. I felt totally unworthy to be in his presence. At the same time, I felt totally loved. It was a love that would not let me be unaccepted, even if I were unholy and unworthy. Jesus pushed past what I was and embraced me. His love was so overwhelming and joyful, I began to weep. I found myself on the floor on my knees crying with tears of joy.

What did Jesus say? As I said, I was singing the Apostle’s Creed. I was actually worshiping by myself to a worship record by John Michael Talbot called The Lord’s Supper. That is very interesting because he is Catholic and I am a Baptist. I did not know it at the time, but the record was a contemporary singing of the Catholic Mass. I entered the worship just to be with Christ in worship. On the cover, John had invited anyone who wanted to enter into worship and that is what I wanted to do. So, as I sang along with the music and words, I had come to The Apostle’s Creed. The Creed is an ancient confession of faith. It declares basic beliefs of the early disciples. As I sang the words of this confession, declaring God as The Almighty God and Jesus as His only Son, I was visited by Jesus. He spoke to me saying, “These words are true… I AM.” I cannot tell you I heard these words with my ears. Yet, somehow I heard them. Jesus was validating himself to me as the real living Lord. He was telling me that what I believed to be true about him was in fact real truth. He is God’s Son. He lived as the Scripture declares. He died on the cross and he was raised from the dead. He lives now in heaven with the Father of glory.

Above is a photo of the Garden Tomb. It is empty. The tomb was empty on the first day of the week after Jesus was crucified. Later, Jesus began to appear to the disciples. They went from fear and unbelief to such a transformation, they changed the face of the Roman world telling about faith in Jesus. The Apostle Paul at first opposed the early believers thinking they were blasphemer’s of God. He did so until he met Jesus. When Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 15 testifying to the 500 who had seen Jesus alive, it was a mere 25 years after Jesus had died. As Paul says at the time, many who had seen Jesus were still living. Jesus is not a myth. He is real. What is more, he loves you. God is reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus. This Easter, take a moment and worship Him.