God has gone to the extreme. Not only did he bring Jesus into the world to be His Son, God has declared us to be his children, and heirs at that. If you are born in Christ by faith, you are an heir to the kingdom of God. God didn’t just offer us heaven, he made us his royal children. Check out my post on Facebook for a thought about royalty.

In Jesus we are clothed in God’s glory. We may not sense it in our flesh. Our circumstances may not witness such a state. Yet, if we could allow ourselves to entertain the thought, we are being dressed in glorious, righteous garments in God’s sight. We should embrace this with faith and walk in such goodness.
If can realize all we are in Christ as heirs of the promise, then we can begin to approach our life in a new way. We carry in us the presence of His glorious kingdom. Through the Holy Spirit, we carry the shining light of God. We have purpose because we touch heaven even as we walk on earth.
Romans 8:17 NIV
“Now if we are children, then we are heirs —heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.”
Will you let your faith rise beyond what you see and feel so you can walk with God in what he has promised? Try this exercise: Imagine you are in heaven and you see angels dressing your soul in a robe of brilliant light. Pause on that thought. Let it minister to you for a moment. The light of this garment is so pure it burns as it touches your skin. Not only does it burn, it penetrates inward burning further to the soul. This light also radiates outward giving you a spiritual glow. You are clothed in Christ. Earthy people cannot see it. Their eyes cannot see what heaven sees. Yet, Jesus is life and his life is the light of souls (John 1:4). Walk on then, you royal child of God, as a heir of glory, as a child of light. Let nothing of the hardships, heartaches, or hindrances of this life define you. You belong to Christ.