I didn’t get a photo of the Love One Another walk so I’m sharing this one. I was too caught up in the moment. What can I say? It was amazing. God descended among us for a few hours.
Let me catch you up to what God is doing. About four years ago Jesus led me to study under a man named Francis Frangipane. He taught about developing a heart like Christ. He talked about loving all the people and having unity. God told me I am to love all the people, not just those like me. This is especially true of those of the faith.
So some of us pastors began to gather and pray. We were Baptists, Charismatics, white and black. We went from church to church and began praying for each other. We would sit the pastor in front of his church and ask God to bless that pastor’s church. We forgot about ourselves and asked God to increase our brother’s church. We started meeting every Monday to pray for each other and our community. We determined to make no demand on each other but to love one another. We invited any who would join us.
Not everyone would. Yet over time God began to increase our ranks. We had pastors from many denominations and races, but still not everyone came. After four years we had visions of a large movement but we didn’t know how that was going to happen. We often debated what we should do. Some wanted action. Hold a rally. Hold a revival. Actually some of us were tired of man made solutions. The vision was God’s and the solution was his too.
Then came violence in our streets. Somebody turn the light on. This is not a video game. Maybe it was the wake up call, the spark that lit a fire, but something moved. We had more pastors wanting to meet. Someone talked about a prayer walk into the poorer side of town. We talked about a meal, about loving one another. That became the theme. We set a date and it happened.
People wearing white (gang neutral color) left their churches and walked to a park to share a meal. Here we gathered about 500 people, white, black, Hispanic, from all church types to love one another. It was electric. It was a God moment. Everyone knew it.
Too often we’ve been content to be the church happy behind our walls. This day the church came out. Not only the church, those troubled by things of this world also came. They came just to be loved. On this day I am told, one of the drug houses closed its doors at least for the day.
People still talk about it, the day we gathered to love one another. It won’t be the last. God isn’t finished with what He is planning.
A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do men light a lamp and then put a bowl over it. No. They put the lamp on a stand and it gives light to the whole house. Let your light shine before men. Jesus
When the church comes out and starts to do the love work Jesus commanded, the darkness runs and hides. It’s time to love one another – now.