I am reading Joel Furman, Super Immunity about the health benefits found in eating primarily vegetables. Here is my version of a veggie sandwich. It is loaded with greens – kale, Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, plus other veggies I have on hand. This one also has a grilled portobello mushroom. I usually like to use hummus in place of meat. It is made of chick peas and contains sone tahini. Tahini is a peanut butter like substance made from sesame seeds. This gives added protein and thickness to the hummus. Tomatoes and onions finish it. With this meal, my wife pan grilled some potato wedges.
Most of the veggies we get are raised at an organic farm. We buy in bulk, taking what they deliver. This helps the farm and gives us regular organic foods. Because it is ordered in bulk, we don’t choose the items. We find it interesting to see what gets delivered. Many of the vegetables are not items we would normally buy at the store. This has challenged us to learn how to prepare and eat a variety of foods.
About half the time we eat our vegetables raw. On occasion we juice, the rest of the time we cook.
I love sandwiches. Because prepared meats are loaded with things that contribute to health problems, I am trying to make my sandwiches totally veggie style. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a purist. I still enjoy meat in my sandwiches when I eat out. Yet when I am at home, I try to keep to vegetables only to help improve my diet.