It’s feeding time for the Mockingbird family. I’ve been watching them build their nest in my oak tree. It’s located in the front yard. I went out to check it and sure enough, there were baby chicks in the nest. Three furry heads sat in the center of the nest. It was growing dark at the time, so I decided to get the camera out in the morning and get a shot.
The next morning I arrived with my camera, tripod and a flash. My best view was against the light. So I knew I had to use a flash with a soft diffuser to shoot against the shadows.
The adult birds would not approach as I was near the nest, so I chose to use a remote trigger. I set the focus and withdrew to another tree. When the birds came in with food, I took my shots. I got few good shots. Next morning, I repeated the effort. This time I sat on the ground with binoculars and waited to catch the feeding more accurately.
Bird photography is fascinating. It helps to know something of the habits of the bird so you can anticipate their actions. Each time these birds returned to the nest, they first landed on a different perch. There, I could see if they had food in their beak. When the adult landed at the nest the hatchlings opened their mouths and reached up for the food. Birds follow patterns. This helps to know how to photograph them.
People have patterns too. What are your patterns? Are you predictable? Are you random, living with no set instructions? Everyone is different. Yet, even being different, you are still like others. Ever wonder why? Perhaps you owe your life patterns to the codes of others- genes, inner written codes, or perhaps family customs, or cultural norms. However you are still unique. Maybe your patterns are the habits of your choices. However, you have your own DNA. Inside you know of yourself as being YOU, not someone else.
Now I have something else to tell you. As a follower of Jesus, I will tell you what Jesus said. As unique as you are, nothing happens to you that is not known to the Heavenly Father. Jesus said that not a bird falls from the sky but that the Father knows it. More than that, the Father knows every hair on your head. I bet you don’t know that. Not one goes missing that He is unaware. This means you are important to God. He cares for you. You are far more than a cosmic accident of random events. You are known by God.
When baby birds feed, God is watching. When you feast in a moment of joy, God knows. When sorrow comes and makes you feel all alone, God knows. Look to heaven and cry out to God in Jesus’ name. God knows it is time for you to feed on God’s mercies. Blessings.