My wife and I are still eating a nutritarian diet of mostly vegetables. At home, which is where we can control our diet most, we choose whole foods. We limit starches. We eat nuts and beans to supplement healthy oils and for added protein. We rarely eat meat unless it is an occasional fish like salmon. Away from home we find it difficult to find foods which are healthy. I have lost interest in much of the fast food market, even though I like the idea of eating out.

Above is my wife’s homemade vegetable sauce over whole wheat capellini. A salad of romaine lettuce completes the meal. We are drinking sparkling mineral water.

Honestly, it doesn’t taste as wonderful as typical spaghetti sauce. (My wife agrees.) Yet, we are choosing not to eat the ingredients that give the boost in taste such as butter, extra salt and sugar. We believe artificial sweeteners are harmful so we don’t use them.

We will keep playing with the ingredients. Yet we realize that part of what we are doing is learning to enjoy food with its natural taste instead of the manufactured taste fashioned by the food industry.

The objective of our food diet is to be able to live a healthier life. I am trying to walk and jog more. My wife is far more into running and working out in the health center. We are both in our late 50’s. I am at the edge of a healthy weight, and she is … let’s just say that many a younger woman would love look as trim as she.