How about a healthy hamburger alternative? I love hamburgers. Who doesn’t? Yet a hamburger can have from 400 – 800 calories, depending on what is added to it. That is just the sandwich. French fries or chips add more, not to mention a soda.

What if you want to avoid meat and dairy and still enjoy a burger type sandwich? Can we do it with vegetables and actually have a healthy sandwich with fewer calories?

My sandwich shown above is a black bean burger on thin wheat rounds, with romain lettuce, onion and slices of avocado. I used light mayo with olive oil and a little BBQ sauce. Instead of fries, I roasted Brussel sprouts in the oven. Use fresh sprouts. Cut them in half lengthwise and cook them on a sheet pan with a little olive oil. Add spices and roast them for about 10 minutes on broil. The meal is filling and tastes great.

The burger is under 300 calories. Bread is 100, patty is 120. Instead of drinking a soda, replace it with sparkling mineral water. This meal can help you drop the pounds while maintaing good nutrition.