How do you contemplate glory? That may depend on how you see life here or in the hereafter. If we consider beauty, we could think of things like a face or a bird or a flower. Eyes, to me reveal beauty. They are like windows to the soul. As a photographer, I like to find the light reflected in the eyes – the catch lights. There are many concepts we can see for beauty.
Yet glory leads us into a greater mystery. We imagine it to contain beauty, yet having more to it, like shining wonder. Of course, I am thinking of glory as in heaven, the afterlife, the realm of God’s dwelling.
In my town, the Cuero Community Hospital built a chapel in the hospital. For the decoration of the windows they commissioned stained glass work from Father J. Lopez (Mosaic Art). The theme was to be the River of Life with the trees for the healing of the nations, a concept from Revelation 22. It is the idea of glory where healing is perfect. Father Lopez created the chapel windows out of broken glass arranged into images of trees and flowers. His images reflect a vision of light with colorful glory. The chapel is a beautiful and quiet place to pray and be alone with God.
Glory. Wonder. Light. Color. Love. Embrace. Still. Peace. Joy.
I still revel in C. S. Lewis’ vision, “It’s always further up, and further in” (The Last Battle). Lewis envisions heaven as a never ending exploration. To be with God in the end, embracing the fullest love of the Father, brings us into a place beyond current thought. God never gives us a clear picture of heaven because we would not understand it if He did. Yet we are told it is an invitation to enter His glory through Jesus Christ. Lewis helps us to see that God, who has made more than we can explore in this life, surely fashions the same for what is to come.
If you think of life only in terms of what you are living now you are missing out on much if the meaning of your life. You are meant for so much more. You are invited to connect to the One who is without limits. You are invited to know glory. So, sometimes just be still and ponder that life to which Jesus is seeking to connect you. Glory. Let your fears go and reach out to God’s embrace.