Getting healthy is not about starving the body. Dieting is a form of starvation. You neglect your body’s intake of food in some form so you can reduce the calories and lose weight. Dieters often relapse into binging because the starved body craves food.

I know about starving the body. When I was young I wrestled. We ate the least we could get by with to pull weight. Yet, that weight loss had a short term goal. We didn’t keep it off. Now I want weight loss that is a long term, healthy goal. Starving does not give you health.

I’ve been advocating Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live. His approach makes the most sense. The emphasis is on eating whole foods, particularly greens. They are naturally low in calories. They are so low, you can eat all you want and the weight will still fall off your body. Look what I ate for supper tonight. It was all vegetable too.

But what about protein? If you eat full amounts of dark green vegetables, beans and nuts, you will get all the protein your body requires. Look at nature. Many large, muscular animals eat only vegetation and grow large and strong.

Yet, there is another culprit which is the primary killer of most Americans. Since the 60’s we’ve been worried about cholesterol and fat in the diet. Yet it has been since we got on the non-fat intake that Americans swelled up in a plague of obesity. Why? Sugar.

Today I read an article in the National Geographic about sugar and it’s toxic effect on the human body – especially fructose. To summarize the article, people are swelling up because they are taking in too much sugar and fructose. Sugar has been substituted for fat to make up the flavor. It is added to everything you eat and drink in prepared foods. Yet the body cannot tolerate high doses of sugar. The loss of health from obesity and it’s related diseases are the result of regularly taking in too much sugar, usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Moreover, sugar is addictive. It stimulates the brain in the same way as heroin and cocaine.

The industry says HFCS is no different than sugar, but that is not true. Fructose is processed through the liver and in time harms the liver as well as raising triglycerides in the blood. The end result of too much fat and sugar in the blood is high blood pressure and diabetes. Read the article. It’s final recommendation is to eat less sugar if you want to live. I say drop the sugar, eat mostly vegetables, drink water and your health will come back to you. While you are at it, read Fuhrmans book.

About the meal: salad made of everything in the frig- Kale, Bib lettuce, Romaine, turnip, squash, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red cabbage with oil and vinegar; cup of chipotle squash soup; and whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce (no HFCS)
and broccoli.