Other than as a myth, it is impossible for me to accept random chance as the explanation for the existence of living things such as these deer. Yet, evolution, which scientists want us to believe as the cause of existence, requires us to believe that intelligent beings are the result of billions of years of unguided chance actions. These chance chaotic actions are supposed to have taken place over billions of years where slowly chaos conforms into anti-chaos, into cohesion, from random particles to intelligent beings. Billions of years are necessary because it is mathematically impossible for such an explanation. Yet, these same scientists refuse to accept any intelligent design theory as an explanation for causation of living existence.

First, let us recognize that living beings possess intelligence. Even wild animals such as these deer are very complicated in their abilities. They think. They have awareness. They can problem solve. These deer have learned that if they bump the bird feeder on the fence, they can get the seed out. They can respond with emotions; and they can learn to overcome fear in order to adapt.

Thought – the ability to reason, to be self-aware – in addition to other complex issues as to the structures of living cells call for a better explanation than an 19th century philosophy of unguided chance as the cause. Yet, current human reasoning is unwilling to let go of the myth of evolution.

Some scientists, especially those in biology and microbiology are calling for intelligent design as a necessary explanation for life. Yet evolutionists refuse them for the reason that ID would open the door for religion, and then ultimately we are back to God again. Yet, I say that even atheism is an argument for intelligent design in that the ability to reason and contemplate existence requires an a greater intelligence as the explanation of such abilities than the cohesion of random chance.

The truth is that evolution is not free from religion. It requires some form of explanation for complexities which lie outside of human comprehension. This is seen often in the appeal to nature or “Mother Nature” as the force that chooses patterns and developments in living things. Mother Nature serves as an earth goddess, not too unlike Ashteroth. This mythological goddess concept is given the attributes of having intelligence in making choices out of random chaos. She is smart because she wisely adapts creatures to best live in their environment. What we have in Mother Nature is human intelligence which cannot accept an unintelligible explanation for existence out of chaos, so it adapts by creating its own myth as a substitute for God the creator.

I further argue that the need for evolution to have its millions and billions of years as the age of progress is a further indication of dependence on myth – an explanation that is based outside reality. No one can travel back millions or billions of years to see what happened back then. Extrapolating such long ages is a device to cover the lack of evidence of causation and the mathematical improbability of such. Thus, further myth. Evolution is the Modern Myth, the religion of those who do not want to be under the power of religion, yet cannot escape religion. A much simpler explanation of the existence of intelligent beings is that they are the design of a greater intelligent being, namely God. Yet herein lies the problem. To acknowledge God requires us to face Him.