In brief, it is cow milk itself. This is from The China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Thomas Campbell. They cite several research studies which show a high correlation between milk and prostate cancer, and also anti- immune diseases. They believe the calcium and potassium intake in milk leads to increasing prostate cancer cells. Those cells might be there anyway, but milk intake make make them more active. It’s the percentage of milk intake in societies which consume milk verses those which don’t that makes the statistics. The same is true with various anti-immune disorders. They believe the human immune system makes markers for milk proteins in some people as if it were a foreign cell. Then, the immune system mistakes healthy human cells in organs by those markers. This leads to the body attacking itself. It would seem innocent enough, except there is a strong correlation of data connecting milk consumption with those diseases. When milk is removed, those issues seem to improve.
The problem is that we as a culture make much use of milk. Removing it would hurt agriculture, and make many of our foods dull. However, it is not suggesting that the industry is abusing the product. It is more likely that a certain percent of the population may not be able to ingest cow milk.
The Campbells believe that Type I diabetes is attributed to babies being given cow milk in place of their mother’s milk. If you think of it, humans are the only animals which drink another animal’s milk. Again, The Campbell’s are researchers who study the affects of food and diseases. I just hate to think that a vanilla shake could promote evil cancer cells, which in time could take me out. As for my wife and I, we have long given up drinking milk. We mostly drink a Silk product, often Almond milk. Yet, sometimes I still like some ice cream. As I am getting close to 60 , I’m debating if that should go permanently.