Wildflowers are resilient even in the face of drought. I remember the last great show of Bluebonnets. It was 1995. My mother was terminal with cancer. My grandmother and aunt came from New Mexico to give her a visit. While they were here they asked me to take them on a tour of our famous wildflowers. It was Spring and we had a gorgeous display in the wild. The Bluebonnets were so thick they nearly crossed the back lanes. That Fall, though started a drought which has lasted even until now.
This winter we have finally had some increase in rains. We would normally expect the fields to be bare because there have been no flowers in some time to seed the fields. Yet as I was driving to Austin, I could only be amazed at the blue fields I was seeing. Finally, I had to stop and catch a quick picture of a field.
The seeds in the field had been there for years, lying dormant, waiting for the right conditions to sprout. In spite of years of dry winters and hot summers where nothing could appreciate their presence, these seeds remained ready to lift up life.
As I contemplate this scene, I wonder how this same condition often falls on us. Sometimes we move from times of prosperity and blessing, where good things are abundant, to times of lack, where we are tested by a drought of well being. At times, even now to be sure, I feel that I am called upon to give more and more to help others, which empties me of all my wants and desires. It is not that this has come once in a while and must be endured as an occasional burden. It has truly taken me down a long path for a long time. Like for Job, God doesn’t answer how long or how far down this path I must go. When I feel I have loved all I have to offer, or given grace all that I have, I find a power present to enable me to keep going another step further and give of myself more. Because I live my life in trust of God and live for His kingdom, I am able to keep hope alive in the face of loss. I am amazed at times that love is able to keep blooming when I think I have nothing else to give. I can only say it is God at work in me, raising up life in buried seed that waits for a little rain of His presence. After all, isn’t this really what discipleship is about. You cannot keep your life and give it away. You have to die and allow the seed to be buried before it can give life.

John 12:24
Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.