Being the chocolate lover I am I wanted to make some truffles for my staff for Christmas. I have often gotten truffles in the mail for Christmas, so I thought it would make a fun gift. I have to say my mother was a candy maker deluxe, but I never picked up the knowledge. I can cook a lot of things, but I would need a recipe to make this work. So, I found what seemed to be a simple recipe online and thought I would give it a try. It was a recipe that used baker’s chocolate. I had that, so I said, “Why not?”

So I got heavy cream, butter, chocolate chips — no hold on a minute, I got Ghirardelli chocolate chips! I mixed the ingredients over low heat until it was smooth, as per the instructions. I put it in the refrigerator to let it rest an hour. It was supposed to be hard enough to mold by an hour. One hour, two hours, it never set up. I brought it back to the stove and tried adding corn starch. More corn starch. Cooled again. Still a chocolate soup. I didn’t want to give frozen truffles. That would be hard to hand out. The instruction didn’t say freezer, it said refrigerator. Maybe the person who made the recipe had a refrigerator in Alaska –  outside – in winter! Certainly one hour in the refrigerator was not meant for warm and humid South Texas.

So after several tries to thicken up the soup I finally decided to switch gears. It was Saturday, and I wanted to give the gifts on Sunday, so I had to move on. This was my version of the TV cooking show Chopped. I had 30 minutes and I had to rescue this dessert. So  I  decided to try and turn these troubled truffles into cakes. I added eggs, flower and baking powder. The mix already had cream and butter, so maybe this would work. I greased a loaf-form tray and put the cakes in the oven to cook. Thirty minutes later, my little chocolate truffle cakes looked great. They had risen beautifully. They had  nice round tops. I tested them with a toothpick and they seemed right, so I set them out to cool.

Awe those beautiful looking chocolate truffle cakes. I thought for a minute I could start something new. Let’s bake Chocolate Truffle Cakes. Time was moving on so I needed to get them out of the cooking tray form.  I still have to coat them with the crushed mint powder I had prepared earlier for the truffles. After all, if they are going to be Chocolate Truffle Cakes I have to stick to the Christmas truffle theme. The cakes popped out well enough. However, when I tried to pick one up it disintegrated. What? This can’t be! Sure enough, I had baked a nice dark chocolate powder crumble in your fingers thing. The troubled truffles had tumbled once and for all, not to rise again. If this were Chopped, I’d be chopped for sure. So I did what any normal husband would do. I let my wife rescue me. She made party mix.

These troubled truffles reminds me of the message of the Bible. We tried our best to be right and holy, but no matter what we tried to do we kept coming up short. Our best good-stuff just didn’t work. Our good was never good because we were still sinners. So, God came in the world in Jesus to rescue us. He did what we could not and made our way right with God. The word sin actually means to miss the mark, to come up short. God did not make better what we messed up. He replaced our failure with the holy sacrifice that made redemption. He didn’t ask us to do anything but believe and accept what He has done. It is certainly a good thing God did not ask us to make chocolate truffles. I’d be in trouble for sure.