I felt it, so I stepped outside. The night was dark, but I looked to find it. I usually feel the trains before I hear them. Ever since I was a child, I liked trains. Now I live with a train track in my back yard. When they come by, i still like to see them.
In daytime, if I wave, sometimes they will toot their horns. When we first moved in, my wife was painting on the track side of the house and the conductor gave several toots of his horn. It was flirtatious but funny. Tonight it was pitch black. I don’t know if the conductor could see me standing on the porch. But I was still fascinated at the train’s presence. I marvel at the power of the engines and the other noises the engine makes. I watched as the headlights swept across the black night revealing trees as the train slowly worked down the track. I looked to see if deer could be seen scampering out of reach. Light and power moved along in the night, and then it was gone. What remained were just the dark shadows of the cars followed in the trail.
I wonder how the shepherds felt when the sky lit up with the thunder of angels praising God on that dark night near Bethlehem. What wonder and fear gripped them? What did the light from heaven reveal in their world?
The nights are still dark in our world when a gunman kills little children at a kindergarten. We so much need the life of the Savior which the shepherds found on their dark night. I don’t understand what makes people do dark things. But I do know that Jesus puts a light in the human heart that can change us into better people. I know, because I know the change he has worked in me. I pray for the world to have revelations of Jesus in their nights. If you should feel His presence, look for his light and step into his life. He will change your life. Jesus is more powerful than a train on a dark night.